Reduce development costs, increase feature output

We enable companies with internal development teams to reduce development costs and management overhead.

Reduced Costs

Less time and money spent on development allowing more resources to put into growing your agency

No staff Management

No need for hiring, firing, managing or maintaining staff

Boost morale

Allowing the existing team to focus on the future of the project

Services for enterprises

Software development

Building new features on existing apps, bug fixes, maintenance and tech-stack migration


Quality assurance

Implementing QA processes, device testing, performance audits, security checks.


BOT Outsourcing

Utilizing technical talent, offshore integration, secure collaboration, effective communication.

Low management software development

We make the entire process seamless and manage-able through our client portal software.

  • Create requests and get quotes
  • View ticket progress and make comments
  • View and manage costs

Already have an internal development team?

Not a problem - we offer multiple integration approaches to suit your cmopanies existing processes, making onboarding a piece of cake

Outsourced approach

The traditional approach where we work with the leadership team to gather requirements and then build the project outside of the existing team.

Integrated approach

We also offer a more customised and integrated approach via team augmentation. Every internal team has British engineers which your internal team can liaise with.

Pricing models

Opt for our team augmentation model for flexible, adaptable projects where the scope is likely to evolve and there is already an internal team. This approach bills for the time and resources used, offering the freedom to adjust as needed.

Software development

Technical QA


Project management


Estimated:£7,076 / month

A best of both worlds approach

Offshore outsourcing

  • Poor communication

  • Hit or miss quality from a lack of interest and cultural divide

  • Expensive in the long run

Engineer Box

  • British and English speaking team

  • Modern client portal for everything

  • All engineers are permanent and internal

  • Quality and user experience driven

  • Moderate pricing


  • Often outsource behind the scenes

  • Clunky request processes

  • Very expensive

Our process


Create a request

Either create an account on our custom-built client portal and create a request detailing your project or book in a call


Review quote and pay

We'll take your project details and request and create a task along with the quoted price which you can then approve


Track progress

You can view task status and deliverables through the client portal as well as book meetings and ask questions


Approve work

Though you will be kept in the loop via the dashboard, the final work is subject to being approved by you



React, Angular, Storybook, Styled components, Sass, ThreeJS


Node.js, Express, Nest.js, Python Django, Java spring boot, Wordpress & PHP


React native, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Google SDK


AWS, Azure, Serverless framework, Kubernetes, Digital ocean


Pulumi, Terraform, Circle CI, Jenkins, Gitlab CI


MySQL, Postgresql, MongoDB, ArangoDB, EventStore

What to expect


Clean code

Well thought out code that can be iterated and extended by any developer



Extensive documentation on a project, architectural and code level


Attention to detail

Strict attention to the details that enhance the user experience



NDA’s and Non-compete agreements from the very first message



Access to our internal channels and project boards



We build in layers and follow agile development principles

Frequently asked questions

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